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Raiding the Lost Archives
from 1978 through 2016

What a pleasure--participating in the "rescue" of endangered scientific,
cultural and commercial data treasures over the years--reading tapes,
optical disks, floppies and arcane file formats from all sorts of systems.
Working with wonderful staff and great clients on fascinating
projects. A bit of heaven! Thanks.


While MMC is no longer operating, we'll keep this site going, gradually morphing into more of a historical record of our work.We also want to encourage support for important projects like these:

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has vowed to convert Census/Surveys micro data for next generation technology format use processed in IBM proprietary technology. After Bangladesh’s independence, there is a rich repository of statistical information in IBM 360 to ES/9000 mainframe tapes, dating back to late 1970s and early 2000s time. Please see OpenWorld for more.

Also pet causes such as IPDRC.

In case you'd like reach out to company founder Chris Muller, please visit his LinkedIn profile here:


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"WWW" = the web?. Nope, for us it's Watergate, Whitewater and WorldCom! Really, we worked on all three and many other projects involved with famous political situations, scientific and historical research, system migration, etc. We'd like to be a resource for you.

Company News

Old Professors' Stashes
(research data repurposed).

CODATA's Data At Risk Task Group. Chris Muller delighted to be a member.

Penosbscot Language Dictionary. Pleasure to help preserve this cultural gem.

Peru Census of 1981 Data Rescued. Another enjoyable international project.

Bangladesh Data Recovery Laboratory created by MMC, funded by IPUMS & NSF.

Denver Fed-Center.  Convert thousands of mainframe tapes...