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Our Data Rescue History

We are pleased to have been busily serving our clients for nearly forty years. We are in this for the long haul, and we treat our clients accordingly.

MMC was founded in 1978 to serve banks, law firms and financial printers in the rapid preparation of legal and financial documents. None of the word-processing products on the market had the capabilities that we wanted, so we wrote our own package (on a PDP-11 minicomputer).  We also needed to be able to exchange data with our clients, and also with financial printers who generally used mainframes or minicomputers for typesetting.

So... we wrote a series of conversion tools. One of our clients in banking mentioned that he needed to migrate thousands of documents from one word-processor to another. We were able to modify our converters to do the job--and the rest, as they say, is history. By 1980 there were four nationally-known media conversion centers. Wang computers and word-processing systems tended to predominate in the 1980's and early 1990's. Our conversion tools for this family of computers have been particularly strong. Ironically, we have helped many firms migrate both to and from Wang systems. The Wang VS in particular has been a reliable workhorse for many--and we are still doing significant volumes of conversion in this area. Please click this "Fast 'n Easy™" link for more on this capability.  Gradually records managers, archivist and digital librarians became a very significant part of the market.

Government Contracts

National Archives (NARA). "The Nation's Records Are A Mess" stated stories in 1991 by the Associated Press, Charles Osgood and others, referring to deplorable condition of many Federal electronic records. RFQs were sent to over 200 firms and ultimately, MMC was awarded the contract to develop and support the software and hardware for APS, which converts, preserves and catalogues  information received by NARA's Center for Electronic Records. The GSA Technology Excellence Award was presented to Project Leader Fynette Eaton in recognition of the design and implementation of these systems.  The development and ongoing enhancement continued through 2002. In late 2005, MMC was awarded a further contract to enhance the system for remote (iSCSI) tape drives and libraries. Other contracts since then have included conversion of many tapes and files, especially from Executive Office of the President (EOP).

Tennessee Valley Authority.  TVA has relied on MMC to handle many of its most challenging conversion issues such as: Fast 'n Easywas selected as the agency-wide standard for legacy file conversion (105 Wang VS's). MMC consulting and programming services were used to migrate older document management systems to TVA's new Saros environment. MMC has developed a PDF Rendition Server for TVA. The package first pre-validates Microsoft Word, Excel and several other file formats to ensure that no problems exist that would prevent a faithful recreation (e.g.- non-standard fonts), and then automatically renders them into Adobe Acrobat PDF for distribution and long-term preservation.

We've done many direct-contract projects for other federal, state and local agencies, as well as for overseas governments such as Qatar and Bangladesh. References on request.

Other Project Highlights

Here are just a few examples of projects which demonstrate our capabilities:

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi ...has used MMC-licensed systems to preserve  thousands of IBM tape cartridges on DVD-R. The PC-based system is optimized to require a minimum of operator intervention, and no mainframe resources. This method satisfies government regulators and moves the data to widely-compatible and long-lived media. See an article on this project from Data Center Management magazine here.

Law Firms and Law Enforcement  often come to MMC for Electronic Evidence Conversions. More than 20 year's experience in "cracking" complex media and file formats has laid the foundation for the firm's extraordinary capabilities in the arena.

National Archives Conversion Services  Our relationship with NARA has been primarily that of software developers. However, we also provide services to convert "difficult" media and data formats. These have included mainframe tapes with a proprietary database of President Nixon's Appointment Calendar. More recently, we converted over 400 8mm, 4mm and QIC tapes containing White House records from 1996.

IPUMS International is part of the Minnesota Population Center, and has been called by the Journal of American History "one of the great archival projects of the past two decades". Part of what they do is to identify important population data from around the world, and make it available to researchers. We have been privileged to work with IPUMS for several years in the recovery and conversion of this valuable data. Please see our Company News page for information on this and other interesting projects.

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