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The National Archives retained MMC in 1992 to develop and then support and enhance of an "Archival Preservation System".  Please click here for further information on APS and MMC's relationship with NARA.

The company had the foresight to retain the right to further develop and market the package for the outside world. The result is known as DPS™ (short for Data Preservation System).  There's a bit more information at our Software/Systems page... The many capabilities of DPS™ have been employed in our service bureau, in pursuit of migrations, litigation/evidence processing and compliance (long-term data preservation). 

Since its ntroduction as a commercially-available product, a number of prestigious clients have either licensed the product, or retained MMC's preservation services to help with some very challenging situations. Here are a few examples:

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi licensed DPS™ in order to to verify and preserve the content of thousands of 3480/3490/3490E tape cartridges on long-lived CD and DVD media. This project was profiled in the July/August 2003 issue of AFCOM's Data Center Management magazine. A PDF reprint of the article can be found here

The Missile Defense Data Center (operated for the government by CAS, Inc.) licensed DPS™ in order to process over 100,000 tapes of various kinds. 9-track reels, 8mm and 4mm tapes are among the formats involved. [more details to come] 

The McCormick (Spice) Company contracted with MMC to preserve mainframe tapes and files from their various divisions. The information preserved on CD and DVD will enable McCormick or MMC staff to convert many of their files to PC-ASCII format in the event of an audit or data-mining need. Some of the data is in a form that would need to be re-loaded back onto a mainframe via tape for processing. This too, can be accomplished via DPS™.

New Jersey's power utility PSE&G engaged MMC to validate and preserve the content of 7,000 mainframe tapes on DVD. The firm has also licensed DPS™ in order to have the in-house ability to regenerate any of those tapes on demand, or to further convert individual files to other formats as needed.

US Department of Interior (Minerals Management Service) in Denver engaged MMC to come on-site and validate, duplicate and preserve the content of 9,000 mainframe tapes on hard drives. The data was pertinent to a multi-billion dollar suit by several Native American Tribes. MMC installed two PCs with four 3480/90/90E tape drives/10-cartridge autoloaders and ran the process at the Denver Federal Center. The project was completed successfully and ahead of schedule.

Air Products and Chemicals in Pennsylvania licensed a DPS™ system including a 3480/90/90E tape drive with 10-cartridge autoloader from MMC to convert and preserve the content of over 6,000 mainframe tapes on external hard drive.. The firm has also licensed and GenScript/RunScript in order to have the in-house ability to further convert individual files to other formats as needed.

DPS™ and our experience in it's use have also been key elements in our services for IPUMS to recover endangered digital assets.