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AIG Insurance retained Xerox Connect to implement a sophisticated new imaging system. Xerox Connect in turn retained MMC to convert approximately 4 million pages of Wang "WIF" image files to TIFF and 6 million pages of "COLD" (text) files to PC/ASCII. The client simply sent their 300+ DAT backup tapes to MMC, who took it from there.

A State Appellate Court has converted roughly a half million WP and WP+ documents to WordPerfect. It goes something like this: when a department is ready to migrate, 50,000 to 100,000 document files are backed up to tape with BackBurner(tm). The tape is sent to MMC, where it is quickly converted and then uploaded to our secure online "vault" for the client to download at their convenience. 

McDermott, Will & Emory of Chicago, IL installed FnE to convert and preserve about 10 gigabytes of legacy archival word-processing files. Complication: prior MW&E staff had developed an archiving package that significantly changed the internal WP file organization and naming conventions. Documentation of these changes was not available. Solution: MMC staff were able to "hack" the file changes and provide a special version of the converter which could process these archival files directly, without the need to go through a time-consuming retrieval process. MMC is also providing a tape drive for rapid off-loading of the files from the soon-to-be-retired system.

Hart Information Services of Austin, TX is using a new version of FnE optimized for large volume image processing as part of a major imaging system migration.

Pacific Northwest Title of Seattle, WA --- has installed FnE for 375,000 Wang WP documents and various database files (about 15 gigabytes in all) from 8mm Backup tape to PC. Anticipated follow-on projects include custom programming for certain key field extraction and indexing applications. "The pleasure of converting 1,000 documents in under four minutes is surpassed only by seeing how cleanly they came out!"

Bingham, Dana and Gould of Boston, MA has installed FnE software for converting 10 gigabytes of Wang WP files. With other approaches, the process would have been complicated by the fact that a third-party package ("AutoArch") had been used for file archiving, and another third-party program ("BackBurner") had been used to back up the archive disk packs on 3490-compatible tapes. No Problemo! Special FnE features permit 100% PC-based conversion from backup tape to MS Word and PC/DOCS. In spite of the complexities, users found the conversion process to be unbelievably fast and clean.

Sanderson Computers Limited of Auckland, New Zealand has licensed FnE for converting about 1.5 gigabytes from 8mm UBU tape to PC. The firm is migrating several applications for a large Wang user in Fiji. The new "scripting" feature of the FnE data-file converter is being used extensively. See our download page for further details on scripting.

Great-West Life Assurance Company of Winnipeg, Manitoba has installed FnE for converting more than 80,000 Wang WP-Plus documents and various database files (about 5 gigabytes in all) from 8mm UBU tape to PC. Several custom features were requested to extract and specially handle custom document assembly information. MMC is happy to note that subsequent emails from the client include words like "Bravo".

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