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A few of our notable events and projects in recent years:

2014-2016 - Old Professors' Stashes (OPS).  Lots of fun projects; many from universities and state archives. Many 9-track and other older tapes in all sorts of formats.  Examples: DEC RT-11, RSTS-11 and VMS; IBM CMS, classic mainframe, etc. Much of it was scientific, population and other research data that was to be re-purposed. One interesting nut that we cracked was pre-1985 mainframe SPSS files--totally incompatible with current versions. An enjoyable presentation at the Library of Congress sponsored Digital Preservation 2014 conference. Also, now offering Secure tape erasure for LTO, 3592, 9940 etc.

2011-2013 - CODATA's Data At Risk Task Group -- Proud to be a member! .CODATA has a number of groups focused on various issues. One of these is Data at Risk Task Group (DARTG). MMC founder Chris Muller is now a "core member". He was selected to chair the group's session at the UNESCO Memory of the World  conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here's a link to the session poster. In 2011, we enjoyed helping the American Philosophical Society to recover the Penobscot dictionary files, and worked with IPUMS on the Recovery of Peruvian 1981 Census Data. .

January 2009 to early 2010 - A major company in Pennsylvania requested that we set up software, equipment and support for them to take on the processing of thousands of their legacy tapes. Several federal agencies requested recovery of data from a variety of arcane media and file formats, some with custom software development. Thanks to IPUMS, it's been a thrill to work with tapes and disks from around the world.August-September 2008: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.  The National Science Foundation, together with the University of Minnesota Population Center selected Muller Media Conversions to create a Data Recovery Laboratory for the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics in Dhaka.. Please click here to see more.

December 2007 - March 2008: Denver Federal Center. In the USA, certain digital assets that might otherwise not receive much attention are nudged to the forefront by litigation. That was the case when Native American tribes filed suit claiming that the federal government had not kept complete-enough records of mineral rights and other payments due to them over many decades. A judicial order included processing nearly 9,000 legacy mainframe tapes. See the PDF press release.