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Here are a number of documents by or about MMC. In the table below are links to various documents in Acrobat PDF format. Please see our Company News page for announcements of our contracts, projects and other significant events. 

Note: this page and related PDF files haven't been updated for quite awhile. We hope to deal with that in the coming weeks.

General Information


A general purpose sheet/flyer with an overview of the company and its products and services.


Legacy Data Preservation


Data Center Management Magazine: "Older Electronic Records: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?"
This article, from the July/August 2003 issue of DCM, describes how the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi satisfied auditors and compliance officers by economically preserving the content of 30,000 mainframe tape cartridges on DVD. DCM is published for the membership of the AFCOM industry group .


Converting and Preserving "Mainframe-Style" Data. Some thoughts on best practices for approaching this often-neglected task. (The government wants to know what you're doing to protect your older data.)


National Information Resources Face a “Phantom Menace”. "A slice of America’s history has become as unreadable as Egyptian hieroglyphics before the discovery of the Rosetta stone..." This informative article was printed in the December 2004 issue of PRISM's In Focus magazine and  highlights many of the issues relating to preservation and long-term access of archival data.


NARA Electronic Recorords Assessment Team Presentation. The "phantom" article above was originally developed as a companion piece to a slide show presented to tthe National Archives "ERAT" group on July 7, 1999. Many of the obstacles to long-term usefulness of data are illustrated.


Tape Processing Issues. "When copying data from tape, a number of questions arise. The answers affect both technical efficacy and cost..."


Tape Preservation via CD or DVD. Presentation of the methodology, features and benefits of this valuable tool in the fight to preserve Information Assets.


Archival Data Preservation--2-page flier. Discussion of scenarios requiring assured preservation of data, along with MMC's capabilities.


Electronic Evidence Services.

lit_flyer.pdf Evidence Conversion--2-page flier. Often evidence for your case is not in a useful format. Conversion expertise (not expensive "forensics") is frequently  what's needed. A look at how we helped out with Whitewater, Iran/Contra, Tobacco litigation, and many other high profile cases.
artsleuths.pdf Article "E-Sleuths Get A Helping Hand" from the New York Software News. It describes some of MMC's past Electronic Evidence work.


Interesting story (we think) about how MMC processed hundreds of reels of legacy backup tapes with many years word processing files, with extra-fast turnaround to satisfy a "Rocket Docket" jurisdiction.


National Archives Electronic Records Project. [See also Company News.]


"MMC & NARA - Chronicle of a Success" is a one-page news-clipping style history of the APS project.


Press release describing the 1996 GSA Technology Excellence Award given to the APS project leader at NARA.


Press release describing the Five-Year NARA Contract given to MMC on a sole-source basis for continued APS development.


Wang Data Conversion/Migration


Description of the operation of the Datafile Converter, including handling of packed, ebcdic and binary fields.


3 diagrams illustrating Fast 'n Easytm conversion system licensing for in-house use, as well as on-site and off-site conversion services.

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