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Compliance, Regulations and Auditors... Oh My!

Need to preserve data to satisfy regulations?

Existing archival data can also be the subject of government scrutiny. Often the older material is neglected because it's value is hard to determine and the media containing it may be difficult to deal with. Please read on....

Bring your information legacy

Back to the Future!

 Even if you’re on top of your current backup needs, the government will still want to know about your plans for the older material.


What about all those old tapes?


We have the tools, skills and experience to help you to handle these issues economically, with no disruption of your operations.

Use stable, widely compatible media. Satisfy the government as to methods and software. And...  don't spend a fortune. 

See our legacy data preservation page for more information.


To reach us, see the GBAVFD
information on our home page.

National Archives tape stacks

Tape media eventually degrade physically, chemically, and magnetically—even under the best conditions.  It's best to verify the content and migrate to newer, more compatible media.

Are your files on incompatible or inefficient media?

reels, cartridges and cassettes

arcane files deciphered

In a code or file format your systems no longer speak?

How to convince those regulators and auditors that you're doing the right thing with your older data?

Digital Inspector