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Disk Conversion


Floppy Disk Conversion

Floppy DisksArcane files8", 5" and 3" floppies in a wide variety of formats; with an equally large collection of file systems and file types. Just a few format examples: PC/DOS, Macintosh, Unix, CP/M, Wang Archive, Vydec, and so forth. Of course, as well as extracting the files, you may wish the content converted to a newer application format, and we can generally do that for you as well.

Magneto-Optical Disk Conversion

 Iomega, (Bernoulli, ZIP, JAZ, etc - many different flavors). Imation (LS-120, Super-Disk, etc). SyQuest (88, 105, 135, 230, EZflyer, etc.)  Optical Disk (aka "Disc") cartridges WORM, R/W, 3" 5" in a dizzying variety of logical and physical formats, from makers such as IBM, Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Plasmon, Pinnacle, Olympus, etc, etc. Also CDs and DVDs.


 ZIP 100 Jaz DiskOptical Disc CartridgeSony Optical Diskoptical diskCD and DVD

If you have a removable disk from an older system, whether floppy, magneto-optical, or CD/DVD, we can almost certainly recover those files for you. Please contact us about your media conversion needs.

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