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Services Overview

Muller Media Conversions has been helping government, industry and academia to meet serious data challenges for more than 30 years. The firm offers conversion services, systems and related software development.

Data Rescue Services

Some of our greatest strengths are in handling tapes, disks and other media containing system backups, mainframe data and difficult/unusual file formats. Often the process is performed in support of migration, litigation, regulation compliance or re-purposing older scientific data. Here's what we do...

Tape Conversion - 9-track reels (3420), 3480, 3490, 3490E, 3570, 3590, 9840, DLT, SDLT, AIT, LTO, 4mm, 8mm, Travan, QIC (full and mini) are among the many physical media we support. Logical structures include all flavors of IBM and ANSI standard files, including fixed and variable length records, spanned records and other variations that are troublesome to other services. We also convert many proprietary legacy formats, including  Wang, DEC, Data General, Unix, PDP-11, Honeywell and many others.

Disk Conversion - SyQuest, Bernoulli, ZIP, JAZ, Super-Disk, CD, DVD, WORM, Optical (3" and 5") and diskettes (8", 5" and 3" ) in a dizzying variety of logical and physical formats.

[The list all of the supported formats has become unwieldy. Please call 516-833-3067 or email us if you don't see what you require listed here.]

Secure Tape Erasure (aka "Media Rescue")

It is now possible to erase servo-banded media such as LTO (1 through 7) and 3592 quickly, securely and at modest cost.  We'll have much more detail about that on this website very soon.

Onsite Operations

For large projects (whether for Conversion or Media Rescue), onsite operations are sometimes the best answer. MMC can bring in the equipment, software and staff to get your project done with maximum efficiency and minimum distraction to your operations. In some cases, we perform the entire project. In others, we train your staff and provide software and hardware support.

Consulting and Custom Programming

Our staff is particularly strong in deciphering arcane data and media formats as well as writing software to handle those. Skills include C, C++, C#, VB.NET, a number of assembly languages. Please see the Consulting and Programming page if you have a special conversion need requiring a new or customized package. The Software products page talks about our proprietary packages which can be licensed, enabling one to perform many of these functions in-house.