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"Media Rescue" means Secure Tape Erasure


It is now possible to erase servo-banded tape media such as LTO (1 to 7), 3592, 9840 and 9940 cartridges quickly, securely and at modest cost.  In the past, privacy needs compelled many high-volume users of tapes of that sort to either:

(a) Destroy old cartridges (not good for the environment) or
(b) Go through agonizingly slow and expensive (and not always effective) multi-pass full-tape overwriting.

To get a good feel for the new world of Media Rescue, click here to see our LTO Erasure and Recycling document.

As mentioned on the Services Overview page, onsite operations are often the best answer for larger projects. MMC can bring in the equipment, software and staff to get your project done with maximum efficiency and minimum distraction to your operations. In other cases, we can train your staff and provide software and hardware support. After a modest initial setup charge, your staff can perform the work at even lower per-tape prices.

Of course, if you'd care to send a cartridge or two for an initial test, we'd be happy to do that at no cost, except for a modest shipping and handling fee.

We'll soon have much more detail here about a wide variety of tape erasure and quality assurance products and services.

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