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Legacy Tape* Conversion

3480/90/90E, 3570, 3590, 3420, LTO, DLT, QIC, DDS, 8mm, 4mm, etc.
How many do you have stored away?
*IBM mainframe tapes and a wide variety of mid-range, minicomputer and PC formats supported.

converting tape cartridges and reels

Surely your tape vault is better than this. tape degradation  

But...  even under the best conditions, problems can develop. Perhaps your mainframe or minicomputer has been (or is about to be) retired, or you've changed away from older PC backup tape formats such as Backup Exec, ArcServe, Colorado Backup, etc., etc. But you know that data may well be vital in the future...

Incompatibility. Maybe this is a medium your system no longer readily supports, or the file formats are complex and awkward to deal with. Our service bureau can readily handle small or large numbers of these tapes.

Decay. Magnetic tapes can age, deteriorate on the shelf.

Regulations. The government or your own compliance and auditing folks may insist that you prove that your old tapes are still readable and useful.

Litigation. Often a potentially expensive lawsuit drives the need to get at those older files. To defend against a patent suit, an oil company needed to access 300 15-year-old backup tapes--in a proprietary format, from a system they no longer owned. A "rocket docket" court was pressuring them for fast response. They brought the problem to MMC. Result:  Problem solved, and fast!.  Are you in for an unpleasant surprise, or would you like to be proactive, and ensure that a "situation" won't jump up and bite when you least need or expect it?


Tape conversion is a good thing Convert older tapes and files. Turn a potential liability into an asset.

Whether you'd like to migrate to "virtual tapes" or to newer, higher-capacity tape, or other media, you can count on MMC to help.

Banks, public utilities, the U.S. National Archives, the Missile Defense Data Center and many others have relied on MMC for technically savvy and cost-effective solutions.

So, whether your needs are driven by compliance issues, litigation, or a general desire for data preservation, it's very likely we can help.

There's a great deal of flexibility in how we can serve you. (1) You can send tapes to us for processing in our service bureau. (2) We can come to your site and perform the services there. (3) We can license our DPS software to you and train your own operations staff to do the work. In any of these situations, there are no mainframe resources required, and the process is hassle-free.

If you've accumulated information on "legacy tapes" such as these, may need to access it in the future for legal compliance or other reasons, then please remember us.  We can almost certainly come up with an approach that will fit your legal, technical and financial parameters. If you have a specific need for converting Wang VS data, have a look at our Wang conversion page.

If you'd like to convert the mainframe file content after it's been extracted from tape, or if it's already been moved to your PC, then have a look at our Mainframe Files Conversion page.

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