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DPS Tape Conversion Software

Hundreds of Thousands of Tapes Processed

DPS was developed as an outgrowth of our work with the U.S. National Archives.  Since then, it has been used and continually improved as a mainstay of our service bureau operation. It has also been licensed and installed at clients such as the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi and the Missile Defense Data Center. We also use it for large on-site projects staffed by MMC, such as that for the U.S. Minerals Management Service and client-staffed projects such as at the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Here's a photo of a typical DPS workstation running two 3490E autoloader units at a customer site:

tape conversion work station


Turn a potential liability into an asset.

With this package, one can:

Capture legacy tapes with 100% accuracy to "virtual tapes" on hard disk or DVD.

Read fixed, variable and spanned records from IBM, ANSI or unlabelled tapes.

Create detailed directory listings of such tapes including file name, record size, record type, etc.

Dump tape blocks in hexadecimal or octal with ASCII or EBCDIC character interpretation.

Convert files from tape (or tape-images) to PC files, within folders automatically named by volume ID.

"Stacking": Copy tapes (or tape-images) to new tapes, while automatically creating appropriate IBM or ANSI label-records to take advantage of the higher capacity.

Parse records containing EBCDIC, packed decimal, integer, float, etc using our GenScript/RunScript software.

There's a great deal of flexibility in how we can serve you. (1) You can send tapes to us for processing in our service bureau. (2) We can come to your site and perform the services there. (3) We can license our software to you and train your own operations staff to do the work. In any of these situations, there are no mainframe resources required, and the process is hassle-free.

If you've accumulated information "legacy tapes" such as these, may need to access it in the future for legal compliance or other reasons, then please remember us.  We can almost certainly come up with an approach that will fit your legal, technical and financial parameters.