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DPS™ (Data Preservation System) 

In 1992, we began an exclusive contractual relationship with the National Archives. The product of that effort was a complex yet robust and steadily improving "APS" (Archival Preservation System) which is used by the federal government to process and preserve permanent records from all federal agencies. We have also produced a commercial version of the package, dubbed "DPS". See our "DPS News" page for some examples of how the product has been used for and by a number of prestigious clients. The many capabilities of DPS™ have been employed in our service bureau, in pursuit of migrations, litigation/evidence processing and compliance (long-term data preservation). 

Fast 'n Easy™

Another popular conversion program family is Fast 'n Easy™. These PC-based programs are used to convert from a wide variety of legacy disk and tape file formats such as Wang VS (WP, WP+, Database, Image), DEC PDP-11 and VAX Word-11, IBM ATMS/ATS, IBM DCF/Script, ATEX, Data General CEO, WordMarc and WordPerfect, Texas Instruments, FourPhase, Honeywell and many others.

These are truly "industrial strength" applications. The Wang conversion and migration marketplace has been very active for us, so much of the material contained on the website is written with Wang environments in mind. However, please be aware that our other packages have many of the same features and benefits in terms of speed, convenience, power and price.

Click here to see a quick overview of our Fast 'n Easy™/Wang conversion packages. There's also a "Fast 'n Easy™ News" page which discusses some installations and success stories.


GenScript and RunScript are programs that enable one to easily develop and use record-translation "scripts" which can translate EBCDIC, packed-decimal, integer, floating-point and other types of specially-formatted fields. We've received rave reviews from clients who've used these programs. These programs are included with DPS™, and are also available for standalone use.  Click here for more information.

Custom Conversion Software

MMC also specializes in developing custom applications for such things as:

  • Electronic Evidence/Freedom-Of-Information Scenarios
  • Acrobat PDF creation from a wide variety of sources
  • Database migrations
  • Document management migrations
  • Almost any application that gets your data from "here" to "there".

Consulting Services

Many of the nation's most prestigious law firms, corporations and government agencies have relied on MMC to create special software for document conversion, database conversion, document management migration, federal electronic records preservation and many other needs. Our programmers and system designers are expert in C, C++, C#, VB.NET and a number of assembler languages.  Of course, our staff is particularly strong in deciphering arcane data and media formats.