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Mainframe File Conversion


GenScript and RunScript are programs that enable one to easily develop and use record-translation "scripts" which can translate EBCDIC, packed-decimal, integer, floating-point and other types of specially-formatted fields. We've received rave reviews* from clients who've used these programs. GenScript provides a nice intuitive interface for "hacking" through a raw file and setting up translations which are later used by RunScript.

*Example: "I ran it and thought it was broken; the script flashed and went away. Actually, you processed a 23MB packed EBCDIC file and generated an 8-column extract in an 812k file in less than a second. Impressive!   Thanks for the great software; feel free to quote me.<g>   Brett Hacker, MCSE/MCT/CNE Director of Application Development ClearPointe Technology Group, Inc."

"File Hacker Heaven" ... That's what users call GenScript, a free program than enables one to inspect record-oriented data such as that created on mainframes and "legacy" systems. You can interactively browse through the fields trying different interpretations of the data (e.g. - text, integer, packed decimal, floating point, etc.) The results of the specified field formats are displayed in a window below the input data. If you've ever wanted to inspect and verify the formats of data from legacy systems, GenScript is great all by itself. Give it a try.

However, another great benefit of GenScript is that you can save the field specifications of your file in a form that can be used by RunScript. (see below).

This screenshot will give you a feel for how GenScript 2.0 works.

GenScript - File Hacker's Heaven

A zip of the installation files for GenScript Version 2 can be found here. Just download and unzip into a scratch folder on your hard drive. It will produce the installer files, GenScript2.msi and setup.exe.  Then run the setup.exe to do the actual install.


RunScript will very quickly write thousands or millions of output records in quotes-and-commas, tab-delimited, XML and flat format. RunScript is not free, but it is modestly priced. Until registered, RunScript is limited to 10 records at a time, but otherwise fully functional. So along with free GenScript, you can test out all procedures and be certain that it fits your needs before investing a penny. You can register it and convert it to full functionality for $249. The help file will give you details of the registration process. Here's a look at the main RunScript screen:

RunScript Version 2 Screen

A zip of the installation files for RunScript Version 2 can be downloaded. It will produce the installer files, RunScriptSetup2.msi and setup.exe.  Then run the setup.exe to do the actual install.

Coming ...

Copybook/Layout Handling.  In the future, we will be releasing a new utility named Lay2GS. The new program is extremely useful if you have mainframe (COBOL) "copybook" descriptions of the files to be converted. This program will largely automate the process of turning the layout into a GenScript project. This does not yet handle all of the flavors of copybook syntax, so you may need to do some manual work on the GenScript project afterwards. However, for large layouts, it can still save you a lot of work. Here's a quick look at the operator interface:


screen shot of Genscript example