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Wang Conversion

The most popular programs of the Fast 'n Easy family have been those related to the Wang VS (WP, WP+, Database and Image files on a wide variety of backup tape and diskette formats.) It directly reads your Wang backup tapes or diskettes and converts their contents.


Once you've backed up your Wang VS document, database or image files on tape, the VS is not needed for conversion purposes. In fact, you will:

saving time with fast Wang conversion
Save Time.
Our extraordinarily clean data, document and image conversions often achieve more than an order-of-magnitude throughput gains over other methods.


saving money with efficient Wang conversion
Save Money.
Elimination or reduction of legacy maintenance costs, reduction of document cleanup costs, increased scheduling flexibility, and MMC’s very reasonable prices: these and other benefits result in real and very substantial cost savings.

It’s Real. Please check our references. One example: The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) executed a major migration project (from 105 large Wang VS systems) to Microsoft Word, etc. We’re proud to have been a significant part of this success story. Many of the nation’s most prestigious law firms, government agencies and businesses have benefited from our software, consulting and conversion services. See Fast 'n Easy™ News for installations and success stories.

The Wang VS™ was a great system. If you've accumulated information from such a system and may need to access it in the future for legal compliance or other reasons, then please send us an email.  We can almost certainly come up with an approach that will fit your legal, technical and financial parameters.